Celis x Crooked Arrow

Community First, thats the motto at Celis. Without community we wouldn’t be where we are today. Julian Cousins, the native behind Crooked Arrow has been designing and producing his clothing line since he was in high school and has been featured in Hypebeast and GQ. We’ve always wanted to team up with Crooked Arrow and …


Brandon Gould – Personal Trainer   From biking to shooting hoops or taking a dip in the beach, there’s never a dull moment for this fine gentleman. Brandon has an incredible story, and he has influenced many people in this community.   Here’s his story – I had been a big kid all my life […]


Gratitude Garden Farm

Gratitude Garden Farm   We caught up with Joseph and his wife Tawna from Gratitude Garden and they gave us the grand tour of their farm. It just finished raining when we pulled up and all the greens and turmeric leaves had a beautiful mist. Their farm is magical, you need a minute to take […]